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Thai cuisine: Recipes


Sour, sweet, spicy, bitter, and salty: authentic Thai cuisine is all about striking a balance between these five key flavours. Thai people don’t just pay attention to how the food tastes, but also how it feels, looks and smells. Traditional Thai food is known for its tangy tamarind sauce, spicy chicken broth, springy coriander and Thai basil, silky coconut milk and succulent pork. Thai food is also famed for having the most delectable salads including Som Tam and beef salad. Alternatively, take your pick of the coconut-fuelled curries of the south, the aromatic cuisine of the capital, and the fiery stir-fries of Isan in the northeast, from our collection of best Thai recipes. You will also find simple tips to create the perfect homemade Pad Thai, beef green curry or lamb Masaman curry.App Thai cuisine: Recipes has many popular recipes. Those are as follows:Curried Coconut ChickenPeanut Butter NoodlesThe Best Thai Coconut SoupThai Pineapple Chicken CurryThai Green Curry ChickenThai Cucumber SaladThai Red Chicken CurrySlow Cook Thai ChickenThai Chicken with Basil Stir FrySlow Cooker Thai Peanut PorkTom Ka Gai (Coconut Chicken Soup)Amazing Simple Thai TofuThai ChickenThai Chicken BallsA Pad Thai Worth MakingPanang Curry with ChickenThai Chicken PizzaThai Spicy Basil Chicken Fried RiceThai Steamed MusselsAuthentic Pad ThaiThai Chicken Curry in Coconut MilkThai Noodle SaladChili ChickenThai Cashew ChickenThai Ground Chicken BasilSatay SauceThai Beef SaladSlow Cooker Thai Pork with PeppersFresh Spring Rolls With Thai Dipping SauceSatay Chicken PizzaTom Yum Koong SoupVegetarian Phad ThaiAuthentic Thai Coconut SoupShrimp Pad ThaiCurry Pineapple Fried RiceThai Pork SatayThai Style ShrimpShrimp Red Thai CurryGreen Curry Thai for KingsPad See Ew (Thai Noodles with Beef and Broccoli)Thai Hot and Sour SoupSpring RollsThe Best Thai Curry-Peanut SauceChicken Satay With Peanut SauceEasy Spicy Thai Slow Cooker ChickenAuthentic Pad Thai NoodlesStir-Fried Mushrooms with Baby CornThai Fish CakesThai-Style Chicken WingsThai Fried ChickenChicken Salad With Thai-Flavored DressingClassic Pad ThaiSweet Rice and MangoThai-Style Chicken with NoodlesThai Fried BananasThai Tuna SaladPad ThaiSweet Sticky Rice with MangoesThai Chicken DipThai Green Curry PrawnsThai Style Chicken PastaThai Banana Salsa with King PrawnsThai Iced TeaThai Fried Rice with Pineapple and ChickenThai-Style Fragrant RiceGrilled Mahi Mahi in Thai Coconut SauceEasy Thai Peanut SauceTom Kha GaiThai-Style Grapefruit and PrawnThai Coconut and Cocoa MacaroonsToronto Pad ThaiKal PotThai Chicken with Cashew NutsSpicy Thai Shrimp PastaCoconut Rice SaladShrimp Fried Noodles - Thai-StyleThai Buffalo WingsAuthentic Thai Steak SaladThai Shrimp, Chicken, Grapefruit, and Coconut SaladThai Mango SaucePotsticker SaladDelicious Spicy Tomato SaladFried Whole Tilapia with Basil and ChiliesTender Taro Root Cooked in Coconut MilkThai Carrot SaladPoached Eggs in Ginger SyrupSweet Thai-Style Chicken BowlThai Chicken StockThai Curry Pork Lettuce Wraps (Nam Prik Ong)Fried Rice with Lychees (Koa Pad Lin Gee)Easy Mango SaladThai Pad Thai NoodlesMushroom Curry with GalangalNorthern Thai Curry with Chicken and PeanutsThai Steamed Banana CakeMung Beans Cooked in Sweet SyrupThai-Inspired Fruit SaladSweetened Bananas in Coconut MilkThai-Style Steamed Tapioca CakeThai-Style Steamed Pumpkin CakeYellow Mung Bean Pudding with Coconut CreamThai Dipping SauceKhao Soi SoupEgg and Coconut Custard JelliesSweet Corn PuddingSteamed Pandan Tapioca Pearl CakesSweet Potato Cooked in Ginger SyrupYam Taeng (Spicy Cucumber Salad)Tapioca Pudding with Tender CoconutMango with Sticky Coconut Rice (Kao Niaw)Crunchy Mung Bean SnackThai Beef with Garlic and Black PepperQuick Red Curry SoupSticky Rice with Coconut Milk and MangoRaw Thai Tomato SaladCandied Kai Bananas in Syrup and Coconut CreamThai Shrimp and Clam Curry